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Cap Lock Notifier

A small program to notify you that your cap lock button is pressed. I used autohotkey to create this. Just extract the exe from the zip file that you download. Save the file in your preferred location create a shortcut in your startup folder to have this file start when your computer boots up.        

RST001 – Windows XP, Microsoft Updates & JAVA and how that effects you. Play in new window | DownloadWindows XP drops below 40% market share           Microsoft will officially end support for the 2001-vintage platform on April 8, 2014. That means no more service packs, no more updates and, no more security patches. Which plug vital holes found in the Operating Systems. In just over a year, thisRead the rest of this page »

CCleaner- why you need to use it.

Want a easy to use way to clean up your windows files, internet temporary files? I have used ccleaner for years without any issue but in preparing this post I found where some have had some issues with removing registry values. As a warning it is common knowledge that registry cleaners can accidentally remove important registry values, so there is some risk, But I have found ccleanerRead the rest of this page »

RST000- test podcast Play in new window | DownloadThis is my test podcast

Windows Copy and Paste

  I have found a lot of people need help learning how to copy and paste so I wanted to give them a simple place to try this skill. To Copy and Paste:Take your mouse, and place your cursor at the beginning of the text in the box below, then left click and hold the mouse button, while pulling yourRead the rest of this page »

Malwarebytes Training -Avast, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials and AVG

Why do you need Malwarebytes? You may be thingking I have a Antivirus program why do I need a Malwarebytes? Well I will tell you that most Antivirus programs do not find many of the current malware programs on windows machines. So let me define my definition of what Malware is, it’s a malicious program that covers a broad typeRead the rest of this page »

Is Your Computer acting up?

Is you computer acting up? Lately I have worked on several computers that did not have any antivirus or malware protection. Does your computer have antivirus install and is it upto date? If not, why don’t you? There are many good free antivirus programs around Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira. You should only have one antivirus program installed. Some people thinkRead the rest of this page »

Are your passwords secured?

While most security site will tell you that you need one password for each website you sign into, it is my understanding that most people do not have strong passwords and they reuse the same password for most websites. On June 26th 750,000 accounts were released revealing email address and passwords in cleartext, obtained for various sources. (For your privacy,Read the rest of this page »

Home Made Laundry Soap

We made home made laundry soap its a fun family project that can save money. We increased the Fels Naptha from 1/3 bar to 1/2 bar it seem to help clean our “really” dirty clothes better. Here is my receipe for detergent: 1/2 bar Fels Naptha soap 1/2 cup washing soda (arm and hammer) 1 cup borax All of thisRead the rest of this page »

Strength of your passwords

          I just finished the podcast security now with Leo Laport and Steve Gibson episode 303. Where they discussed easy passwords and how they do not have to be complicated to be good. I would recommend everyone check out the and start using better passwords.  

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