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I have listen to Dan Miller Podcast and have found my passion in life is serving others by helping them complete their goals that they are trying to achieve. Mix that with my passion for technology, I have decided this website is my attempt to grow as a person and  online. I am John Budd, I am a technology addict, I love learning new skills with almost any type of technology.

My goal is  to help everyone understand technology and how it effects us daily in all of our lives weather its cloud computing, home computers and networks, different types of media, almost everyone can improve there skill to be more productive.

As we growing in knowledge and understanding I have been given complements on my ability to teach and guide others.

Teaching other how we can use computers and programs to effectively reduce our time and energy makes us more profitable with not just our money but our time as well. Sometimes we need outside people help us see things from a different view point.

I am a firm believer that we need to becoming more effective in all the areas of our live and helping other use technology to complete that brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Our lives are REAL and we need SIMPLE answers for what seem to be a complex TECHNOLOGY.